Hi! I'm Hannah.

I'm a senior at Elon University with a major in Cinema and Television Arts and a flair for comedy and storytelling. I spent four months abroad in the fall of 2017 traveling around Europe, Africa and Asia, where I ​put my storytelling skills to use by creating a documentary with an international study abroad grant to study changes in etiquette in 10 countries around the world. 

I'm is interested in comedy and creative storytelling in every aspect; I can see myself in 10 years as a writer for Saturday Night Live or a freelance stand-up comedian or shooting b-roll for a National Geographic documentary in Kenya, and would be pleased with any turnout between the two. She has been performing stand-up comedy for a almost a year now, and she looks forward to developing her craft and continuing to write, direct and appear in material for the stage and the screen. She is also deeply passionate about creative storytelling and the difference it can make when portraying a story or selling a product.


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background: Born and raised in southern New Hampshire with one sister and two fluffy labradoodles, moved to central North Carolina to attend Elon, with brief bouts around the

globe with study abroad trips and New York City for internships.

likes: White rice, salt water taffy, taking naps in the sun, Portlandia, memes about Bee Movie, dancing, trampolines, ice cream cones, witty mugs, stand-up comedy, everything bagels, Bo Burnham, The Shape of Water, extensive knowledge on niche topics, being an individual

dislikes: The Kardashian family, stickers on laptops, misuse of "your" versus "you're", coffee or caffeine of any kind, people who don't read the news, whining, hiccups, overcast weather, rude people, sad movies about pets, SpongeBob, people who don't use turn signals

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